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Coral and Peach First Birthday Party



Just like her mom.  Hated the cake.  Like, hated it.  We had to put blueberries in it for her to even touch it.


It happened.  Evie turned one.  This past year has been amazing!  I’d been thinking about her first birthday for a loooong time before the actual day.  I started ordering things months in advance.  I just couldn’t help myself!  I’m so excited about how everything turned out so I’m sharing all the details of the big day!  Everything from custom sugar cookies to the ombre cake and  hand-spun organic cotton candy from Petite Puf!

If you know me, then you know I don’t like sweets.  Like, yucky.  I especially don’t like eating birthday cake.  There’s obviously something wrong with my tastebuds but that’s the way I was made. I couldn’t deny Everette birthday cake on her first birthday, so I called around to get some bakeries to make her cake.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  A naked cake.  You know, the kind that has exposed sides and isn’t fully iced?  Sigh, but the bakery  I wanted to make it was booked solid so I had to make it myself!  Gasp.  I’m a total rookie when it comes to baking cakes.  This one time, I needed to make cupcakes and I went to the grocery store to buy cupcake mix but I could only find cake mix…I was like, “Where is the cupcake mix?” (For those of you with savoury tastebuds like me, you just buy cake mix and put it into muffin tins).  Needless to say, baking my own cake was well beyond my comfort zone.  So I made 3 practice cakes leading up to the party and voila!   I officially made my first birthday cake.  And, just like her mama, Evie hated it.  Like…hated it.  She refused to even touch it.  The only way we could get her to try it was if we put blueberries in it.  Sigh.  Like mother like daughter.  Everyone said the cake was delish though!  I used this strawberry buttercream recipe for the icing.

The ombre cake that’s pictured…well, that was bought.  I’m not a magician!

The photo collage of her first year in the shape of the number one was a big hit with the guests!  I also had all of her monthly photos lined up on the mantel.  Love seeing how she changed month to month.

There were a few birthday details that were real labours of love.  That ribbon backdrop?  It’s over a kilometre and a half (1500metres!) of ribbon.  It took my mom and I hours of measuring, cutting and taping to make it.  I loved it.  And now I don’t know what to do with it.

Also, that pinwheel backdrop?  Hours of scoring, folding, hot gluing…and it’s still up on the wall in our kitchen.

Here are all the vendor details.

Ombre Cake – Cupcakes

White pedestal cake stand (naked cake) –  The Cross

Number 1 pinata – DIY

Birthday Girl Cake Topper – Cindy Confetti Sparkle

Hand Spun Organic Cotton Candy – Petite Puf

Sugar Cookies – The Whisk

Ribbon Curtain – DIY (purchased ribbon from Dressew)

Paper for pinwheels – Michaels

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Queen’s Park New Westminster Family Session

Gone are the days of families in matching outfits posing awkwardly saying cheese. Thank goodness!  Now, when families show up to a session, I encourage them to rock out their style and be themselves.  Their real “living room” selves.  You know… to act just like you would in your own living room.   This is a family full of love and they  know how to have fun and be silly.  These beautiful girls are full of life and personality, and dad knows just how to balance all that estrogen!  We met at Queen’s Park in New Westminster near the playground on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Here’s a little peek into our session.

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Melanie + Michael | SFU Wedding

Happy birthday to me!  I got to photograph a beautiful couple on my birthday this year!  The wedding took place on Burnaby Mountain at SFU’s Diamond Alumni Club. The forecast called for rain, but when the day arrived, the sun was shining.   The day itself was jam-packed, but the bride and groom arranged to have a ‘first look’ and get their photos done before the ceremony (brilliant!).  This was great because we had plenty of time to do bridal portraits and we didn’t feel rushed.  The first look photo took place near Horizons restaurant under a tree.  I still don’t know how Melanie walked in that grass in her heels!  I need to get some walking tips from her for sure. The day unfolded without a glitch and I managed to laugh a LOT during this day because their families as sooo funny!

Enjoy a little peek into their day.

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0021M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0022M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0023M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0024

Here’s dad trying to get a little peek.

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0025M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0026M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0028M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0027M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0029

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0036

And while the girls were getting pretty, the boys were learning how to properly tie their ties using youtube videos.  Classic.

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0035

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0033

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0034



M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0037

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0030M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0031M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0032

M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0039M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0038M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0040M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0041M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0042M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0043M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0044M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0045M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0046M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0047M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0048M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0049M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0050M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0051M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0052M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0053M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0054M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0055M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0056M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0057M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0058M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0059M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0060M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0061M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0062M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0063M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0064M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0065M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0066M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0067M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0068M+M SFU Wedding Burnaby_0069






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Jen + Craig: Backyard Wedding

Double trouble.  That’s what we are. It’s been 11 years since we walked into that classroom together for the first time.  The classroom where we would learn to become teachers.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out that we were perfect for each other.  She had me at hello.  And I had her at, “Do you like Martha Stewart?”  We’ve grown together, share everything, and yes, we still have sleepovers.

This wedding was hard for me.  I had to constantly remember to take photos of the moments I was so enchanted by.  Holding back tears, I watched as my best friend said the most beautiful vows I’ve ever heard.  And while I was blown away by all the amazing details (just wait, you’ll see), I was more mesmerized by the love Jen and Craig have for each other.  Here is the story of their day.

Handmade pinwheels courtesy of the family factory!

Garlands did an AMAZING job on this bouquet.   Gorgeous.

Craig + Jen said their vows under an apple tree in a private ceremony on the family’s property.  Don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of that chandelier!

The sun came out just in time for the first kiss!

The ribbon curtain.  Amazing.  Awesome. LOVED IT!

Seriously, Jen.  Seriously?!

The reception details were to die for!

Jen just happens to be an amazing artist.  She is responsible for cartooning our adventures and had lots of practice preparing for this amazing chalkboard love story.  It highlights their lives  from birth and follows them along their separate paths until they meet.  Amazing.


And then there was the Cigar Bar Jen created for Craig.  This smokey lounge ended up being the favourite hangout of the night. 

Gorgeous.  Rwarrrrr.


Oh, Jen.  You are too cute!

And then this is where it gets crazy.  Jen knew she wanted sunset pictures and said she was prepared to drop everything when the time was right.  The sun decided to poke through the clouds just in time for sunset.  Oh, you two. Stop it. Isn’t Jen an EXPERT smizer?

The End.

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